Team Spotlight: Imelda Mondragon

Imelda Mondragon is a Case Manager with Litner + Deganian. She organizes client documents, helps coordinate client treatment plans, communicates with the insurance companies, and also assists with demand letters and settlement. Imelda is an Atlanta native and grew up not far from the Litner + Deganian law office in Druid Hills. Imelda’s parents are

Team Spotlight: Dave Rohwedder

Dave Rohwedder is Of Counsel at Litner + Deganian, handling cases both in Atlanta and from his home in Columbus, Georgia. Born in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Dave spent his childhood crisscrossing the country with his family, living in California, Utah, Missouri, Florida, and Wisconsin, before finally settling in Birmingham, Alabama, where he finished high school

Team Spotlight: Ashley Bailey

Ashley Bailey is Litner + Deganian’s medical records specialist. She’s in charge of tracking down and organizing the medical records for every single one of the law firm’s clients. An Atlanta native, Ashley attended Albany State University, where she studied business administration. There, she also developed the skills and tools needed to be a top-notch

Team Spotlight: Josephine Threat

Josephine Threat is a Litigation Paralegal with Litner + Deganian. On a day-to-day basis she works with the attorneys and other law firm employees to draft pleadings, file documents with the court, and organize exhibits and other important case materials. Originally from Dothan, Alabama, Josephine developed an interest in personal injury law after being involved

Team Spotlight: Chuly Phanthadara

Chuly Phanthadara is a Case Manager with Litner + Deganian. She organizes the attorneys’ schedules and makes sure that the law firm’s cases are moving forward by coordinating with the court, doctors’ offices, and insurance companies. She also checks on clients to see how they are recovering and keeps them updated about the status of

Team Spotlight: Kimberly Cobb

Kimberly Cobb was born in Heidelberg, Germany, where her mom was stationed in the military. While still a baby, she moved to Brunswick, Ga., and relocated again to Tifton, Ga., at age 5. After graduating from Tift County High School, she headed to Atlanta to attend Georgia State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in business

Team Spotlight: Tamika McFarlane

Tamika McFarlane grew up in Bowie, MD—a city about halfway between Washington, D.C., and Annapolis the capital of Maryland. She headed south for college, attending Florida A&M University for both her bachelor’s degree and her graduate studies in criminal justice. After deciding she wanted a fresh start, she set her sights on Atlanta and began

Team Spotlight: Shannon Moultrie

Shannon Moultrie grew up and went to college in California around Fresno and the Bay Area. You can probably imagine what a culture shock it has been moving to Atlanta. Luckily, she always has an excuse to visit California with plenty of family still there: seven siblings—including three sets of twins—and more than 20 nieces

Team Spotlight: Meet Kisha Dunnah

Originally from Panama and raised in New York, Kisha Dunnah moved to Georgia with her parents while she was in high school. Georgia presented the opportunity to be closer to family—and the warmer weather was also a plus compared to New York. Kisha joined Litner + Deganian in 2016 as a case manager and recently