Get to Know Norm Sawyer

Get to Know Norm Sawyer

Norm Sawyer, the newest personal injury attorney here at Litner + Deganian, made his way to Atlanta from Pennsylvania – although he’s originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. While he was working at a small law firm in Philadelphia, he always knew he wanted to move back to the South. All it took was a walk to the train one morning in 8-degree temperatures! He made up his mind right then and decided Atlanta was a great place with lots of opportunities for a personal injury lawyer.

Over the next ten years, Norm worked as in-house legal counsel representing a couple of national insurance companies before switching to the other side with a big TV law firm. Although very different from one another, these positions weren’t quite the right fit. Norm often didn’t get to meet his clients until he was closing their case. With our personal touch at Litner + Deganian, Norm has embraced the close client relationships and our group’s professional camaraderie. And we’re equally glad to welcome Norm to our team.

As he’s getting settled into our cozy Litner + Deganian office, located on Briarcliff Rd. near Decatur and Druid Hills, he’s also adjusting well to living in Atlanta. He and his wife, their young son, and their Maltipoo dog, Toby, are enjoying the Brookhaven neighborhood, especially its convenience factor. “Atlanta is a very congenial town,” says Norm. “We’ve quickly made lots of friends, and I find it more enjoyable practicing law here than in the Northeast.”

When he’s not working on cases, Norm enjoys Atlanta’s diverse dining scene, including new favorite restaurants Moon Indian Cuisine, Pure Taqueria, Nan Thai Fine Dining, and Front Page News. His love of golf is also helping him explore Atlanta suburbs like Hamilton Mill. Of course, the Atlanta airport is always convenient for traveling to unique destinations. Norm recently visited Russia and China where he enjoyed fascinating cultures, friendly people, and great food.

If you’re looking for a professional tip, Norm advises anyone with auto insurance to never buy minimum auto coverage insurance. “They claim it costs less,” he says, “but you’ll regret it if you ever injure someone in a wreck. Invest a little more each month for better coverage. You get what you pay for.”

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