How to Prepare Your Car for Ice and Snow in Atlanta

How to Prepare Your Car for Ice and Snow in Atlanta

It’s officially the winter season, which means it’s time to prep your car for a change in the weather and driving conditions. To help you with your winter weather checklist, the personal injury attorneys of Litner + Deganian have some advice on preparing your vehicle and staying safe on Atlanta’s roadways.

Vehicle Exterior

Before heading out this winter, you want to make sure that your vehicle is in good shape. That starts with the vehicle’s exterior. Check the car tires to make sure that they are properly inflated and that the tread is intact. Worn or bare spots on the wheels mean you’ll have poor traction on the already slippery roads. In addition to checking the tires, also clear any frost or ice from the roof, hood, trunk, and headlights. You want to make sure that you’ll be able to see properly, and that there will not be any pieces of ice slipping down your windshield or onto another vehicle. 

Engine Systems

Once you’ve finished inspecting the outside of your vehicle, it’s time to examine the engine compartment. Double-check your battery and ignition system to make sure your vehicle starts up appropriately. Batteries can be temperamental in extreme weather, and you don’t want to get stuck outside when it’s cold and snowy. While you’re checking the engine, now is a good time to look at the levels of your oil, coolant, and anti-freeze; make sure everything is topped off and that the hoses aren’t split or leaking. You might also consider switching to winter-grade fluids for your engine. 

Winter Weather Kit

Atlanta weather is unpredictable, and so it’s good to be prepared for any winter driving conditions. Make sure that you keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. This kit should include blankets, gloves, an ice scraper, flashlight, flares, jumper cables, and first aid supplies. You should also have some water and non-perishable snacks in the vehicle, in case you and your passengers are stuck in wintry weather. (Many Atlanta drivers learned this lesson during the infamous 2014 Snowpocalypse). 

Driving Conditions

As a safe and responsible motorist, there are some driving guidelines you should follow, no matter what the weather. Be sure to always wear your seatbelt, take your vehicle in for regular maintenance checks, follow the rules of the road, and don’t drive while you are distracted or impaired. During the winter months, however, drivers should also watch for animals and be aware of possible icy patches on bridges and shaded areas. Remember, there are fewer daylight hours during the winter, which means less overall visibility. It’s important to always be alert and maintain a safe distance from other drivers.

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorneys

While it’s sensible to prepare for Atlanta’s winter weather, accidents do still happen. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and need help with your personal injury case, please contact the personal injury attorneys at Litner + Deganian for a free consultation at our office.

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