Personal Injury Cases Involving Rental Cars: What You Need to Know


Personal Injury Cases Involving Rental Cars: What You Need to Know

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve finished your Costco errands in Brookhaven and are enjoying the scenic drive back through Virginia Highland or Inman Park. You love passing by the beautiful homes and gardens around Druid Hills. Suddenly, someone from out of town in a rental car rear-ends you.

If you’ve ever dealt with a personal injury case after a car wreck or truck accident, then you know it’s a complex process. Unfortunately, personal injury cases aren’t any easier when a rental car is involved. In fact, they are usually more complex.

So, what’s different in personal injury cases involving a rental car accident?

If you’re driving a rental car but didn’t cause the wreck:

Contact the rental car company to notify them of the accident.

Regardless of who owns the vehicle, follow the same steps you normally would if you’re involved in a car accident. Make sure everyone is okay or call for medical attention. Write down the details for the other driver, their insurance, and any witnesses. Get a copy of the police report if the police were involved. 

If the person at fault is driving a rental car:

Exchange the same details listed above. Be sure to get the driver’s normal auto insurance information. Also, write down the name of the rental car company. Take note of the details about the vehicle. What kind of car was it and what was the license plate number? Always call the police and get a written report as well.

Determining if the rental car company’s insurance is responsible for the damage to your car and your injuries can be a complex analysis at times. Sometimes they’re responsible, and sometimes the at-fault driver’s personal automobile insurance policy will be primarily responsible.

Some people who rent vehicles assume they have coverage through their credit card company. However, they’re not aware that this coverage usually only covers damage to their rental car. Auto coverage from your credit card rarely pays for damage to other vehicles or medical expenses.

Other helpful tips:

If you’re renting a car, review your primary car auto insurance policy. Ensure that your coverage still applies when you rent a car. In the unfortunate event that you are the driver at fault, you’ll be glad you focused on these details ahead of time.

Ask your agent about your liability coverage and limits. Liability coverage pays for damage to the other car and medical expenses for anyone injured. Collision coverage, on the other hand, will pay for damage to your vehicle.

In addition, you can purchase supplemental liability coverage from the rental insurance company. This will typically provide you with an additional one million in coverage and is usually very affordable. Purchasing supplemental coverage from the rental car company is generally a wise decision.

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