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Calling a Brookhaven personal injury lawyer is something you probably don’t think about often—until you need one. If you were injured and someone else, or even a company, is responsible, you need a reliable Brookhaven personal injury attorney. The firm to call is Litner + Deganian. We’re a smaller firm focused on getting the best result, not just the easiest one. We started our firm because we think our clients deserve exclusive attention in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Here at Litner + Deganian, we handle most types of personal injury cases, and we are recognized as a firm that delivers on its promise to help innocent people during their most stressful times—dealing with the big insurance company after an injury.

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Of course, no one anticipates or wants to be injured in a car accident, on a slippery floor at a retail store, or on the job. But accidents happen, and sometimes it’s because of another person’s or party’s negligence. When you’re the victim of such an injury, you are legally able to receive compensation. Contact a Brookhaven personal injury lawyer to help you get the pain and suffering compensation you deserve.
You could be suffering from:

  • Medical debt stemming from your injury
  • Time lost at work or you’re unable to work at all
  • Debilitating or life-altering injuries
  • Mental health issues
  • Difficulty keeping up with regular household expenses

When another person’s negligent actions are the source of serious injuries, bills related to the injury often add financial worries. Victims can also suffer from emotional and physical difficulties. Litner + Deganian, your personal injury firm in Brookhaven, will fight for you.

Help From a Brookhaven Personal Injury Attorney

Litner + Deganian personal injury lawyers in Brookhaven, GA are qualified to assist you or a loved one dealing with a personal injury. Our Brookhaven personal injury attorneys have helped our clients pick the best solutions, not just the easiest.
In addition to our Brookhaven personal injury lawyers being able to help those who’ve been a victim of someone else’s negligent actions, Litner + Deganian can also help people who need assistance with:

  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Slip and falls
  • Worker’s compensation

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured near Brookhaven, Georgia, talk with our lawyers today.

Call Brookhaven Personal Injury Attorneys That Are on Your Side

At Litner + Deganian, we have come across a variety of personal injury cases. We’re proud to do our part to relieve stress from folks who come to us for help. While money won’t solve everything, it can help you focus on recovering from your personal injuries in Brookhaven. Whatever type of personal injury you’ve been involved in near Brookhaven, contact our Brookhaven personal injury attorneys for a free case evaluation. At Litner + Deganian, we’re not paid until you get paid.