Norcross Personal Injury Attorney

Have you been injured near Norcross, Georgia? Accidents are an all-too-common fact of life. This is particularly true in Norcross, as the traffic conditions make auto accidents more likely.  If you’ve been injured near Norcross, Georgia, it’s important that you contact a car accident lawyer in Norcross. Depending on the specifics of your car accident in Norcross, there may be deadlines to meet to file your case.

Contact a Norcross Personal Injury Attorney

Sometimes when you’ve been injured, the other driver’s insurance company will try to contact you soon after the accident and offer you compensation for your injuries.

However, the compensation offers that auto insurance companies offer to car accident victims are usually far less than what the victim is entitled to. The auto insurance company’s goal is to make a profit, and they will find every opportunity to pay you less than you deserve. Their low compensation offers can leave you in the red with medical bills that you’re unable to pay.

You need a Norcross car accident lawyer who will fight for your rights. Our Norcross car accident attorneys have worked for the big insurance companies, so we know how they operate. We know the law and the courts inside and out and will take your case to trial if needed. Litner + Deganian car accident lawyers in Norcross have committed their careers to helping car accident victims receive the highest settlement payments allowed by law.

No Fees From Our Norcross Personal Injury Attorney Until You Collect

As car accident lawyers in Norcross, we may be able to help you get the full settlement amount that you may be entitled to. Our dedication to helping injured victims heal is exemplified by our contingency fee system.

We don’t ask for any upfront payments. We don’t have any hidden fees. You don’t pay anything until you get your settlement or award. When someone else has caused your injuries by their negligent actions, you shouldn’t have to be stuck with the bill. During our free consultation, we’ll provide you with guidance about what steps you need to take next.

How a Norcross Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Litner + Deganian‘s accident attorneys have the experience and knowledge you can count on. Our car accident attorneys are experienced in helping car accident injury victims near Norcross in the following areas:

If your car accident case involves something else – even if it’s not in the list above – our Norcross car accident lawyers may still be able to help.

Litner + Deganian‘s Norcross car accident lawyers are available for a free consultation to see how we can help your case. We’re always available to help and talk with you about your free case consultation. If you or a loved one were hurt and someone else may be to blame, call us today at 678-956-8500.