Success Stories

At Litner + Deganian, we’re about getting you the best resolution for your situation. That could mean money for medical bills, closure on a traumatic experience, and the ability to move on and enjoy life. While other law offices may have you meeting with assistants, we always sit down with you to personally hear about your experience and help you understand all of your options, not just the easiest ones. We’re not afraid to take on complex cases that send other attorneys running. Some cases need to be litigated, and some don’t. A number of factors go into that equation.

We’re grateful for the success that we’ve had. Here are a few of our favorite recent stories.  

Helping an Elderly Friend

Helping neighbors and friends get the right medical treatment and other restitution that they deserve is always one of the best parts of our job. We recently helped an 80-year-old family friend who had been rear-ended and was suffering shoulder pain that required surgery to alleviate. The other driver’s insurance company was arguing that the shoulder injury was pre-existing and the property damage minor. We stepped in and successfully settled the case for both medical and repair costs. The greatest part: a handwritten letter from the client. “You relieved me from a massive headache, helping me with medical care and service providers,” wrote the friend. “Job well done with excellent outcome.”

Advocating for Cyclist’s Rights

Our client was cycling and hit by a car. His shoulder was badly injured, which resulted in a lot of medical treatment and bills. The motorist’s lawyers tried to argue that our client should have seen the car coming before the accident. In Georgia, bicycles are considered a vehicle, and cyclists have the same responsibility as automobile drivers to follow the rules of public roads. Our attorneys worked together and were able to prove that the cyclist could not see the car and in mediation helped him to obtain favorable results.

The Value of Good Relationships

From the client referral to settling the claims with the insurance company, the success of this case resulted from maintaining good relationships. Our client, who was referred by a coworker we had helped in the past, had $10,000 in medical expenses due to injuries sustained in a car crash. We sent a policy limits demand and, despite competing claims, were able to get payment at full policy limits. Our connections and rapport with the insurance company and opposing attorneys helped lead to obtaining maximum value for our client.

Aggravating Old Injuries

After our client was hit by an 18-wheeler cab without freight, she tried working with two other personal injury firms before coming our way. We immediately had a scramble figuring out who was on the hook for the crash. The truck driver was an independent contractor who worked for multiple companies. To complicate matters, our client had been injured before in previous accidents, and had even reinjured her shoulder. Because of this, the truck driver’s insurance company tried to argue that our client’s injuries weren’t caused by the crash. Jamal took the case into litigation and prepared for trial. After filing suit, the insurance company settled for five times our client’s medical bills.

A Low-Ball Offer

Our client was rear-ended at a traffic light and suffered from head, neck and back injuries. Despite mounting medical bills, the insurance company’s pre-suit offer was only in the low thousands. Jamal filed suit, and, after some favorable rulings, settled the case for $50,000 in mediation.

No Turning Back

Our client faced expensive bills for neck and back issues after a rear-side crash. But the at-fault driver’s insurance company denied responsibility completely, attempting to scare off Litner + Deganian. They even tried to argue our client was making a U-turn when the crash occurred. Jamal put together a demand, and the insurance company quickly changed their tune. They ended up paying the full minimum policy of $25,000—getting our client the money she needed less than 6 months after the crash occurred.

A Devastating Repeat

Our client had already gone through the unthinkable—losing her son in a previous crash. So when she was involved in a second crash, though she didn’t have major physical injuries, she had psychological issues stemming from her earlier trauma. We made sure this grieving mother could get the help she needed with a settlement six times her medical bills.

Boxing up a Bad Argument

When a client came our way right before his lawsuit filing deadline, we knew we had to quickly determine whether he had a case. While cleaning a warehouse, our client had been injured by a falling box stacked on a large cooler rack. We filed suit against the warehouse owners—the folks who’d hired our guy to clean the property. Still, we weren’t sure we had a case until we brought in an expert to review the scene. The warehouse analyst concluded that the box fell because it had been shelved improperly. And because the warehouse admitted that only its employees shelve boxes (not outside contractors like our client), we mediated the case. The owners tried to argue that our client was technically an employee, but they backed down after a particularly persuasive PowerPoint from Norm, ultimately settling for a comfortable sum.

A Slippery Case of Subcontractors

While walking into work one freezing day in January, our client, who worked for a major retailer, slipped on ice. She badly injured both shoulders—one even required surgery to repair the damage. Normally, this would be a buttoned-up workers’ compensation case, with the employer reporting the incident and filing the claim. But, because Norm found that the location’s sprinkler system had been left on overnight, he was also able to sue the landscaping company, as well as its subcontractor. While the workers’ comp claim paid for the client’s surgery, both of the landscaping companies went to mediation. To make things even trickier, one of the companies was insured by a carrier that closed its Atlanta legal office in the middle of proceedings. Finally, Norm was able to work with the company’s new legal representative and settle the case for $300,000—more than two and a half times the client’s medical expenses.

A Rear-end Crash Opens Up a New Door

Our client was injured when a car rear-ended the one he was riding in. The Lawrenceville crash caused some serious damage to his neck and back, all of which required complex medical treatments. Knowing his bills would be extensive, the client came to Melissa to help guarantee a fair settlement with the insurance company. He was terrific to work with—both actively involved and eager to do whatever was best for his case. Thanks to his commitment and Melissa’s strategy, the insurance company recognized its liability and settled for $33,000—enough to pay the client’s medical bills and leave some left over to open a new business.

Never Losing Touch During an Anxious Time

After a T-bone crash, our client was left with ankle, back, neck and shoulder injuries—not to mention a lot of anxiety and trauma. With a busy slate of treatments and a work schedule she couldn’t adjust, our client needed an attorney who could take over but also keep her and her mother up to date through the whole process. Melissa secured a fair settlement with the insurance company, helping our client move on with her life.

Distinguishing Old Injuries from New Ones

While trying to merge onto Camp Creek Parkway, our client was rear-ended by another vehicle, suffering neck and shoulder injuries as a result. Unfortunately, past crashes had left her with similar damage, meaning she not only reinjured what had healed but had low expectations for her settlement. As expected, the insurance company put up a fight, but Melissa successfully distinguished the new injuries from the old, winning the client a fair settlement. After paying for her medical bills, the client had enough left to travel.

Helping Clients Get Back on the Road

Our client suffered major injuries after getting hit head-on as a result of a collision involving two other cars. He eventually got an MRI, which showed spinal issues, and he underwent cervical fusion surgery six months later. Allstate declined to make an offer presuit, as the venue was one of the toughest in Georgia. They also did not believe the neck surgery was related to the collision, so Arman filed suit and scheduled the deposition of the surgeon to prove the injuries were caused by the accident. At this point, Allstate requested mediation and the case settled for $261,000, which more than covered the client’s medical expenses and was significant compensation for his pain and suffering.

Our client was overjoyed, as the settlement helped him get his life back on track after surgery. He recently bought a new motorcycle and is looking forward to being able to ride again.

There’s No Ignoring Us

When our former client, a professor here in town, was involved in a minor car wreck, he called us up just to check in. We didn’t expect any major medical expenses or issues with insurance payment, but it was still good to have the case on our radar in case any problems cropped up. Our client’s urgent care provider had recommended visiting a chiropractor, and, after a few visits, he was feeling better. But the at-fault driver’s insurance company never responded to our client’s calls or letters seeking reimbursement for $1,100 in medical bills. After a short time, Steve called the client to find out how he was doing and if everything was moving smoothly. When he learned it was not, Steve got a copy of the medical bills and sent a demand letter to the insurance company. This time, they responded immediately. Steve and our happy client celebrated together at their favorite sushi restaurant, where Steve handed over a settlement four times the original request.

Placing Real Value on Emotional Trauma

Our client was involved in a major hit and run crash in Gwinnett. While he made it out with only minor injuries, his passenger was killed. The firm handling this tragic death referred the driver to us, hoping we could help him get him fair compensation for the pain and trauma he experienced. The insurance company initially offered our client only a small amount—just enough for his medical bills. But Steve didn’t back down. Our client had watched his friend die, suffering tremendous emotional trauma as a result. After lots of follow-up discussions and the threat of a lawsuit, the insurance company finally offered the full policy limit of $100,000. Steve also got the client’s insurance company to add $5,000. It was a tough case, but it’s a great example of how an experienced lawyer keeps fighting for a fair amount instead of settling for a fraction of the insurance policy value.

Shouldering the Burden for Our Clients

After a driver struck her car in a parking lot, our client faced expensive medical bills to treat a resulting shoulder injury. Because she didn’t have health insurance, her treatment was sporadic. And with a settlement offer of only $8,000, the surgery her orthopedic surgeon recommended was out of the question budget-wise. Knowing she needed help, she contacted a retired personal injury attorney who sent her our way, promising we’d do just as good of a job representing her. Steve got right to work, confirming that the surgery was required and securing $50,000 through a combination of the other driver’s insurance and the client’s own policy. She’s now able to get the surgery and physical therapy she needs to treat her injury.

A Power Suit Is No Match for Steve and Zoey

Our client, a healthy and active woman in her 70s, was injured in a rear-end crash, partially tearing her shoulder. Her doctor suggested trying injections before surgery, knowing that maintaining her exercise routine was important to her. Despite the complex care plan and the still-present possibility of surgery in the near future, the insurance company submitted a lowball offer. When Steve sued, the insurance company agreed to mediation and brought in a power suit lawyer to do the job. Well, Steve doesn’t need a power suit to fight for his clients: He attended the mediation in shorts and brought along Zoey, the office dog. Zoey and Steve proved to be more compelling, and the insurance company ended up settling for three times the original offer, plus mediation costs.

Toe-ing the Line for Our Clients

Norm’s client was injured when a 50-pound piece of paneling fell on his foot in an Atlanta Dunkin’ Donuts. His big toe was fractured, but there was nothing the orthopedic surgeon could do about it except provide a shoe insert. There were permanent damage and pain. The insurance company offered $10,000, which didn’t even cover the medical expenses. Unfortunately, mediation attempts broke down, forcing Litner + Deganian to sue. After a quick deliberation, the jury awarded $167,500. We were also able to recover legal fees from the insurance company, meaning our client received more money. Our client was overjoyed with the resolution.

A Three-Year Legal Battle Ends in Success

Shea’s client was injured in a car wreck and spent several months receiving treatment for his neck and chest injuries. The person who caused the accident received a ticket, but the charge was dismissed when the police officer didn’t show up for court. When the insurance company denied the claim and refused to pay anything, Shea was forced to sue. It didn’t help that the case took place in the other driver’s hometown in west Georgia. Partnering with local attorney Cade Parian, Shea battled for over three years for his client. “I believed in my client and believed in the jury to do the right thing,” Shea commented. He was right. The jury awarded nearly $30,000 to his client. He was also able to recover the cost of legal fees from the insurance company, leaving his client with more money. Congratulations, Shea, and thank you to Cade Parian for your help!

More Than a Minor Issue

A driver with a suspended license and warrant for his arrest rear-ended our client, causing a three-car pileup. Even though our client was injured—she was treated at the hospital after hitting her head and bruising her ribs—the at-fault driver’s insurance company offered next to nothing, claiming the whole thing was a minor issue. Knowing this wasn’t fair to our client, Norm filed a lawsuit. When our process server went to the at-fault driver’s home to deliver the suit, the man’s mother refused to answer the door, even threatening our process server with violence! After that, the insurance company increased their offer slightly, but Norm knew our client still deserved more. It wasn’t until the insurance company began answering our pre-trial questions that they knew we really meant business. Rather than face Norm in court, they settled for seven times the original offer, allowing our client to pay her medicals bills and still have a bit left to help move past this emotional experience.

A Deposit Deception

After a rear-end crash in Paulding County, our client faced some medical expenses as well as car repairs. He tried to go through the other driver’s insurance company, Liberty Mutual, but had trouble getting much of a response from them. Finally, an adjuster apologized for the poor customer service and promised to send out a so-called “courtesy payment.” But before depositing the $150 check, our client read the fine print on the check receipt. Turns out by depositing the money, he’d be letting Liberty Mutual off the hook for everything beyond his initial emergency room bill! Fortunately, the client reached out to Shea first, who reviewed the check and confirmed cashing it would mean game over for pursuing any further action. Today, the client is still receiving treatment for his injuries, meaning Liberty Mutual will be on the hook for his medical bills and the interruption to his life.

Tackling an Out-of-State Case

While walking home after a night out, our client was hit in the crosswalk by a drunk driver. Despite a head injury, our client had a good recovery but still faced $40,000 in medical expenses. Since the client had been in North Carolina when the incident occurred, we had to go up against the state’s extremely restrictive contributory negligence law. If the jury thought our client was even the slightest bit at fault, it was possible there would be no recovery. Consulting with local North Carolina attorneys, Steve was able to investigate the accident, obtain video footage from a local business of the client in the crosswalk, and get the driver’s DUI results. Our investigation showing our client was an innocent victim paid off. The insurance company decided to settle for $360,000.

Helping a Family Through Hard Times

Our clients, a husband and wife, from Chamblee, were involved in a bad wreck, requiring a hospital visit and follow-up treatment for their injuries. The insurance company offered to pay a settlement directly to the medical providers, hoping to pay less than if they settled with the couple. It didn’t seem right, so the couple called Litner + Deganian. We got the offers raised, and, more importantly, had the money paid directly to our clients. And because the couple was going through hard times financially, we lowered our fees and negotiated with medical providers to bring expenses down, helping our clients get back on their feet.

One Client Leads to Another

We know word of mouth is important, but it doesn’t usually happen at the scene of a car crash! After a current Litner + Deganian client witnessed a bad wreck in Duluth, she recommended us to the victim. The woman called us for help, facing a totaled car, a hospital bill, and physical therapy. Steve negotiated a settlement three times the cost of the client’s medical bills, helping this working single mom better recover from the stress and time off caused by the wreck.

Overcoming Language Barriers for a Positive Outcome

We’ve mentioned before that even fender benders can cause serious injuries to the human body. Our recent client, who spoke no English, found herself in this position after a car wreck in Jonesboro, Georgia. When the other driver’s insurance company offered her only $500, her original attorney dropped her case. She reached out to us at Litner + Deganian for help. We worked around the language barrier and realized our client was suffering from a significant injury. We helped her get an MRI, which confirmed the injury and showed she needed surgery. When we shared these new developments with the insurance company, they quickly resolved the case with a fair settlement of $25,000.

Fearlessly Pursuing a Drunk Driver After a Hit-and-Run

A drunk driver caused a wreck near Stockbridge, Georgia, and then fled the scene. Our client was the victim and contacted Litner + Deganian for help. The police apprehended the drunk driver, but – amazingly – his insurance company refused to pay our client for the damages. Shea Schulman, one of Litner + Deganian’s attorneys, immediately filed a lawsuit against the insurance company. Fortunately, an overwhelming amount of evidence was available. Shea quickly accessed the drunk driver’s social media history, criminal history, as well as the police officer’s video footage from the arrest. After seeing the evidence, the insurance company quickly changed its tune and delivered the full policy limit (about $30,000) to our client.

Successfully Going After the Maximum Policy Limit

A driver ran a stop sign and caused a car wreck. Our client suffered from significant and ongoing injuries, which resulted in over $36,000 in medical bills. Initially, the other driver’s insurance denied responsibility for the wreck and refused to offer our client anything. Our client originally chose a large TV personal injury firm to represent him. However, when they found out the other driver’s insurance company was fighting the case, they dropped him. Our client looked to be out of luck. However, his doctor recommended he give us a call, and Shea Schulman jumped on the case. Shea went to traffic court with our client and used evidence from that hearing, combined with a new demand letter, to convince the insurance company to reverse their position and award our client the maximum policy limits. Shea then went back and negotiated the client’s medical bills to eliminate any outstanding balances. In the end, our client was able to pay his bills and have some left over.

A Downtown Atlanta Hit-and-Run

A while ago, we successfully represented two sisters from Brookhaven, and one of them recently became a repeat client. She and her boyfriend had been at an event in downtown Atlanta when another driver caused a hit-and-run car wreck. Luckily, they got the license plate number, and the police identified the other driver. She remembered her positive experience with Litner + Deganian and called us for help. Many hit-and-run incidents involve drunk driving, so Steve Litner took a tough stance with the driver’s insurance company. To avoid a damaging court battle, they quickly settled for a significant amount. Not only were the couple’s medical bills covered, but she also had some extra money left over to help grow MM Brows Studio, which she runs with her sister in Dunwoody.

Happy to Take a Transfer Student’s Case

Our client was a transfer student from Korea. Unfortunately, he was in a car wreck in Woodstock. The insurance company for the driver-at-fault tried to take advantage of the situation. The driver had already gotten a ticket for the collision. Still, the insurance company argued there was no evidence their driver was at fault for the wreck. At Litner + Deganian, we don’t let insurance companies push us around. We fought back and prevailed in favor of our client. Although the insurance company tried to get the case dismissed, the judge refused to throw out the case. The judge also awarded extra compensation for our client because of the insurance company’s unnecessary delay tactics.

Consistent Successes for Our Repeat Clients

Luckily, most of our clients aren’t regularly involved in car accidents. Occasionally, though, we do work with clients more than once. In this case, our client was a nurse at Emory. We had represented him before after a small car wreck. He remembered how well we treated him and called upon us for help dealing with the latest collision. At Litner + Deganian, we pride ourselves on building strong client relationships, so we were proud to take on his second case. Unfortunately, our client had some serious injuries. In addition to needing an MRI, he was also receiving pain injections. We were able to reach a fair settlement quickly though. Our client received his compensation and can now move on with his life.

Lucky to Be Alive

Our client, a DeKalb County resident, was in the passenger seat when the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. Unfortunately, the driver lost his life. Our client was lucky to be alive, despite having a broken back. She reached out to us at the Litner + Deganian office, located on Briarcliff Rd. near Edgewood and Decatur, to get help. She already had over $200,000 in medical bills. This was a tough case because no one could find the deceased driver’s insurance policy. It turns out her friend was driving someone else’s car. The mystery owner was extremely difficult to track down, but our determination paid off. Our client received compensation from the owner’s policy to help pay her outstanding medical bills. And, we’re still pursuing additional compensation to help cover her future medical expenses.

Treat Your Injuries All the Way

When you don’t get your injuries diagnosed and fully treated, it can really hurt your case. Thankfully, our client, who works in Duluth, took our advice to get additional medical treatment after someone rear-ended him and injured his back. He had gone to the hospital after the wreck but had ignored his ongoing pain and put off follow-up treatments. From the Litner + Deganian office, located on Briarcliff Rd. near Inman Park and Kirkwood, we encouraged him to take care of his health first. He got the much-needed medical treatment he needed. After our work on this case, our client received the full policy limits. He’ll be able to cover his current medical expenses as well as his upcoming surgery.

The Dreaded One-Two Punch

Someone rear-ended our client, which injured her lower back and neck. After only a few months of treatment, her medical bills were already around $20,000. Then she was in another wreck. When multiple wrecks are involved, it’s difficult to prove which injuries came from the first wreck versus the second. The two insurance companies usually point fingers at each other instead of accepting responsibility and doing the right thing. At the Litner + Deganian office, located on Briarcliff Rd. near Brookhaven and Lindbergh, these tough cases are our specialty. It wasn’t long before we achieved a “triple win” for our client. First, we convinced the insurance company from the first wreck to double their initial offer. Next, we found additional coverage in our client’s policy. Finally, we worked with our client’s doctors to lower her medical costs by almost 40%. Our client was able to pay all of her medical bills and still have some money left over.

Straightening Out a Complicated Spinal Injury Case

A careless driver ran a red light and, as a result, caused a severe collision when she struck our client’s vehicle. After she contacted our office in Druid Hills near Emory, Arman set out to resolve her case. It was a nasty wreck, and the case was complicated because our client’s treatment was extensive and ongoing. Our client already had a very similar previous injury. Insurance companies often try to use previous injuries to reduce the settlement value of a case. She’d had one neck surgery a couple of years back and, unfortunately, this car accident caused her to need a second neck surgery. We looked into every avenue for fair compensation, including filing a lawsuit and pursuing her uninsured motorist coverage. Thankfully, she had elected to purchase uninsured motorist coverage from her auto insurance company before the collision. We agreed to mediate the case, which resulted in a settlement of $286,000 for our client. She was thrilled to avoid a lengthy trial and get back to focusing on getting better.

Schooling the Competition

It’s not every day we get to work with a new insurance adjuster, but we’re pretty sure we made an impression on this one. We represented a family of six who had recently immigrated to the United States. The couple and their four children were together when someone rear-ended their car. The kids were treated at the hospital – luckily, the accident didn’t cause any traumatic injuries. The insurance company’s first offer barely covered the medical bills from the accident. Without even entertaining the lousy offers, Arman filed suit immediately from the Litner + Deganian office near Decatur and Brookhaven. The insurance company then assigned a new adjuster and immediately doubled their settlement offer! Although we’re always ready to take a case to court, this offer was fair and in the family’s best interest. It saved them from the stress of a trial, and they were able to pay their medical bills. They were happy to move on with their lives, and they had some extra money in their pockets for future bills.

We Believe in Our Clients

Our client was an immigrant living in Marietta. He had been injured in a car accident in nearby Smyrna. The insurance company offered him $10,000 initially. However, that clearly wasn’t enough to pay for the shoulder surgery he needed because of the wreck. He learned about Litner + Deganian from one of our other clients and called us for help. We helped him pay for his surgery, and we reached a settlement with the insurance company for $155,000. Our client’s final comment to us was thanking us for believing in him.

Down to the Wire

Our client from Smyrna was rear-ended in a car wreck in Marietta almost two years ago. Like most of us, he was very busy and waited until the last minute to try to resolve his claim with the insurance company. Finally, he contacted Litner + Deganian for help. He had only two weeks left to file his claim, so we had to move quickly. The insurance company didn’t offer much because the accident had occurred so long ago. In just three days, we negotiated a settlement almost ten times the amount of the first offer. We also helped him collect Medical Payment Coverage (often called Med Pay) from his insurance company.

Helping Insurance Companies Do the Right Thing

At Litner + Deganian, we look at more than just the value of a case when working with a new client. One of our recent clients lived in Conyers, and another driver backed into her car in a parking lot in Gwinnett County. There wasn’t much damage to the car, but she was injured. Not your usual auto accident case. First, the insurance company tried to blame our client. Then they offered her only $2,000. Despite the insurance company’s efforts to delay it, we took this case to trial. We never gave up and were successful in sharing the facts with the jury, whose verdict ruled in our client’s favor. After the insurance company’s initial offer of $2,000, the verdict resulted in a payment of almost $46,000 for our client. She was able to recover from her injuries, pay her medical bills, and move on with her life.

Trouble at the Nail Salon

When one of our clients went to get her routine pedicure, the nail technician was speaking to another customer while working on her. The technician’s negligence resulted in a substantial laceration to the client’s big-toe. Within a week, the toe became infected, and, after a year of treatment (including painful skin grafts), the toe needed to be partially amputated. With just a credit card receipt as proof of the visit at the salon (unsurprisingly, the salon denied the incident ever happened and they also never wrote up an incident report), the insurance company hotly disputed her claim.

Where other lawyers would have had trouble seeing the value, Arman refused to give up. He showed the insurance company how difficult it would be for them to defend this case in front of a jury. Our client walked away with a $110,000 settlement without having to file suit. The client was focused on closure regarding her injury and the quick resolution of the claim gave her just that.

Not Taking “No” For An Answer

As the passenger in a horrible car accident involving a tractor trailer, our client broke his arm and leg, and was knocked unconscious during the collision. The trucking insurance company blamed the car driver and continued to deny liability. When the referring law firm realized the uphill battle that was ahead of them, they referred the client to us. Never one to back down from a challenge, we immediately got to business and filed suit. Four months into the process and we were able to get the matter mediated and settled for more than six figures, covering all outstanding medical bills and providing additional savings for the future.

Taking The Fight To The Insurance Company

After being involved in a low-impact car collision, our client did not have any immediate health problems as far as she could tell. A few weeks later, after the pain persisted, she sought medical treatment and ended up with $12,000 in medical bills. She reached out to the other driver’s insurance company who agreed to pay a meager $2,000 and nothing more. Our client knew she was not being treated fairly and called Shea at Litner + Deganian. Shea filed suit against the insurance company and they maintained their original stance. We’re not a company to give up, so Shea took the case to court. The jury sided with our client and awarded her more than double her medical bills, plus an additional $20,000 to cover fees. Our client was ecstatic to put the drama behind her and move on with her life.

Client’s Well-Being Prioritized Before Financial Settlement

One of our wonderful clients is located in rural Georgia and was injured in a serious car accident. With little health insurance, doctors were unwilling to see him for fear of being involved in a lawsuit, a problem we often see in rural parts of the state. Prior to the accident, our client had had an MRI on his shoulder, and, as a result of the accident, had injured his other shoulder. With a pre-existing condition and a new injury, we were able to get him in to see an orthopedic surgeon who performed an MRI on each shoulder. Once the MRIs confirmed the injuries, we worked hard to find our client a physical therapist near his home. After helping our client physically heal, we took it one step further and filed the lawsuit against the at-fault driver and his insurance company. Because we had taken the necessary steps to help our client heal, he was offered twice the amount of his medical bills and walked away with an extra half a year’s pay. Sometimes it takes going that extra mile to get a fair value for our clients, something we are always willing to do.

Refusing to Back Down Results in Increased Offer to Settle

After being involved in a serious car accident which was clearly the other driver’s fault, our client knew he was being given the runaround by the other driver’s insurance company. He hired an attorney and began the litigation process. With the adjuster adamant about the original offer, the client’s attorney approached Litner + Deganian for additional help in playing hardball with the insurance company. Our team went through the grueling process of compiling every single detail for a lawsuit and sent it to the adjuster before filing to show that we were serious about getting our client what he deserved. After seeing the overwhelming amount of facts, the adjuster reopened the claim for negotiations. The result: Our client walked away with the full policy amount, which was more than double the amount of the original offer.

Filing a Lawsuit to get a Fair Settlement.

Our team recently represented a couple who were involved in a head-on collision that resulted in extensive injuries, including a surgery and potential future surgery.  The automobile insurance company’s offer was less than what Arman thought was fair for his clients.  However, it was still a substantial offer.  Arman discussed the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit with his clients, and they gradually agreed that it was worth the fight.  A lawsuit can be a prolonged challenge.  After filing the lawsuit on behalf of his clients, the attorney who represented the insurance company recognized Arman from previous lawsuits that they had handled together, and, as a result, asked to mediate the matter before getting into a long court battle. Arman was able to get our clients $500,000 to cover past and anticipated future medical bills.  This settlement was substantially more than originally offered just two months prior. Just as importantly, Arman saved the clients from the frustration and costs of a drawn-out courtroom fight when one wasn’t necessary.

Saying Yes When No One Else Would

When he was approached about a case in his hometown of Loganville, Arman jumped at the chance to help with this very complex case. His client struck her head in a minor car accident and was having memory and perception issues. The insurance company said that the injury and accident weren’t related, and initially offered a ridiculously low settlement. The insurance company refused to budge, even after Arman filed the lawsuit.   

Attorney Shea Schulman stepped in with Arman to help link the accident and injury, and also show the long-term care that would be required for such an injury. Right before the trial was to commence, the insurance company finally settled for five times their initial offer. We’re proud of this challenging case because were able to give our client the quality representation that she deserved so she could financially and physically recover from her injury.

Become a Success Story

At Litner + Deganian, we put our clients first. For more information on how we can help you put the experience in your past and move on with your life, contact us.