3 Things to Avoid During Your Treatment for Accident-Related Injuries


3 Things to Avoid During Your Treatment for Accident-Related Injuries

When you live in Atlanta or Decatur, you’re probably accustomed to seeing car wrecks, truck accidents, and motorcycle crashes. Auto collisions, whether you’re in Decatur, Brookhaven, Virginia Highland, or West Midtown, are a fact of urban life.

If you’re involved in a car wreck in Decatur or an intown Atlanta neighborhood, you should always follow several important steps. These include seeking medical attention and exchanging information with others involved. In addition to the important things you should do, also be sure to avoid these three things during your car accident treatment or treatment for accident-related injuries. These tips will help strengthen your personal injury case.

Don’t wait too long to get medical attention

We always encourage people involved in an auto accident to seek medical attention immediately. Even low-speed fender benders can cause serious injuries. Seek car accident treatment immediately.

It’s critical that a medical professional examine you and that you begin any necessary treatment as quickly as possible. In addition to focusing on healing your injuries, you’ll have the official documentation you need for a stronger personal injury case.

If you wait too long to seek medical attention, it can cause problems for your case. The insurance company will reason that if you didn’t even go see a doctor for several weeks or months, then you must not really be injured, even if you clearly are. Do yourself a favor and see a doctor right away.

Don’t forget to tell your doctor about relevant medical details

Be sure to tell your doctor about any relevant medical information. Tell your doctor about details from both the accident as well as your past. If you have prior injuries, the insurance company will probably try to use them against you. However, it’s critical that you’re honest about these injuries with your doctor.

Proper documentation and past medical records are exactly what you need. They will help you show what injuries you had before the wreck and which ones are new. Car accidents can often revive old injuries or make them worse. Having a doctor’s documentation is a big help.

Don’t stop your treatment early

Once you’ve seen a doctor and received a plan for recovery, follow those orders precisely. Do not – and we repeat – do not stop your car accident treatment or other injury treatment early. Just because you’re feeling better doesn’t mean your body has fully recovered. Stick with the full treatment program. Not only does stopping treatment limit your recovery, but it’s also one of the worst things you can do for your personal injury case.

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