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Injured in a Car Wreck?

Car accident and wrecks happen when you least expect them—when you’re pulling out of your driveway and a speeding car blindsides you, when you’re on the highway and another driver cuts you off, or when you’re simply stopping at a red light and the truck behind you missed the memo.

While we hope no one has to suffer through the pain and heartbreak of a serious car wreck or hit and run, the truth is even fender benders can cause significant injuries. And in a busy city like Atlanta, with popular neighborhoods like Druid Hills, Brookhaven, Decatur, Morningside, and Virginia Highlands always filled with residents, commuters, and visitors, it’s sadly common to see both car accidents and car accident injuries.

You’re not alone, and we can help

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, more than 2 million people are injured each year in motor vehicle incidents. Accidents can occasionally be just that—“accidental” with no one truly at fault. Unfortunately, though, many collisions are caused by completely preventable issues, including speeding, distracted driving (which includes texting, talking on the phone, interacting with a navigation program, or using social media apps), falling asleep at the wheel, following too closely, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Auto accident lawsuit

When your wreck is caused by someone else’s negligence, or if you’ve been hurt by a hit-and-run driver, it’s unfair for you to have to take on the financial burden of covering your own car repairs, the cost of a rental vehicle, your medical expenses, or your time off from work.

If you’ve been injured because of another driver’s mistake, you deserve fair compensation. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys at Litner + Deganian can help. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your car accident case and find out what your options are.

Why you need a Litner + Deganian personal injury attorney

If you haven’t been injured severely, you may wonder why you can’t just handle your case yourself. If the other driver accepts fault, or if your insurance company offers what seems like a decent settlement, why do you need a car accident attorney in the first place?

After an accident, your focus needs to be on healing from your injuries and putting your life back together. The cost of recovery can be tremendous with surgery, specialists’ appointments, or physical therapy, and you may not even know how bad your injuries are until you’re well into your treatment.

Litner + Deganian has worked with many clients injured in all types of car accidents, and we know what’s a fair settlement and what’s not. We know the best ways to settle your case out of court—saving you money and time—but we’re also ready to fight for you if the situation calls for it. Additionally, we understand how to negotiate and reduce medical bills—allowing your settlement to go further and maybe even leaving you with a little left over to help you move on with your life.

If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, you need a professional on your side to ensure you’re compensated properly for your injuries, recovery, pain, and lost wages. Contact Litner + Deganian today for a free case evaluation.

Talk to us before you speak with the insurance companies

When your injuries get serious, so do the insurance companies. Their goal is to make a profit, and they’ll find every opportunity to pay you less than you deserve. If you’re still considering going it alone after an injury and skipping hiring a personal injury attorney, remember this: The at-fault driver’s insurance company has a team of lawyers on hand, all ready to fight against your case.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys at Litner + Deganian have worked for the big insurance companies, so we know how they operate. We understand the information that will move them toward an early settlement, helping save you money. We also know how they’ll act in court.

When we’re working on your case, here’s what we’ll do:

  • Collect all relevant information about the incident
  • Work with investigation teams if necessary
  • Assess the true value of your case
  • Aggressively negotiate with the insurance companies so you recover the full value of your case
  • Take your case to court if necessary

If you want specifics, take a look at some of the settlements we’ve recovered for our clients. You’ll see we’ve worked with victims in all types of car wrecks, from rear-end collisions to hit-and-run accidents.

Get the specialized attention you deserve

After an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, handling the stress of medical appointments, missed time at work, and car repairs can be challenging. When you’re going through so much, you want a personal injury attorney who doesn’t add stress to your life by trying to make your case conform to a one-size-fits-all mold, dodging your calls, or refusing to keep you updated.

We’re a neighborhood firm, working with clients from Decatur, Virginia Highlands, Druid Hills, Morningside, Emory, and Lenox Park, and we understand every case is different. We work with our clients as individuals in a relaxed, comfortable environment, and we strive to get the result that fits best with their goals. We want our clients to focus on their health and recovery while we tackle the rest.

No fee until you collect

At Litner + Deganian, there are no upfront payments and no hidden fees. You don’t pay anything until you get your settlement or award. During our free consultation, we’ll provide you guidance about what steps you need to take next.

Contact Steve Litner, Arman Deganian, and the rest of the car accident attorneys at Litner + Deganian today for a free consultation so we can get to work on your case right away.

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