2021 Litner + Deganian College Scholarship Program

Litner + Deganian is currently not offering a 2023 scholarship as we focus on other community-based activities. Please stay tuned for 2024!

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2021 Scholarship Program – Car Safety Scared Straight!

The results are in! After reviewing some great submissions, we’re pleased to announce the winner of the 4th Annual Litner + Deganian College Scholarship Contest.

Kamryn Stargell, from Mableton, Ga., created a video that fit perfectly into the “Car Safety Scared Straight!” theme of this year’s contest. In the video, Kamryn’s character, already annoyed with her friend for always being glued to her phone, has a flash forward-style vision—one of her ever-distracted bestie being involved in an accident. Determined not to let this happen, Kamryn’s character races outside to stop her friend’s unsafe driving practices.

We hope Kamryn’s “Car Safety Scared Straight!” video helps other drivers, especially teens, think before picking up their phone while behind the wheel. And our own future vision is telling us that with this kind of creativity (and initiative!), Kamryn’s future is bright. She’ll be applying her $2,500 scholarship toward fall tuition. Kamryn is  studying to become a biomedical engineer.

Congratulations, Kamryn, and good luck next fall!

Kamryn’s Scholarship Video – Scared Straight!

Litner + Deganian 2020 College Scholarship Program

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