This isn’t just about the money. It’s about receiving the compensation you need to recover from injuries, get medical bills paid, adjust to any longer-term impacts, and move past this traumatic time in your life.

At Litner + Deganian, we’ve successfully recovered settlements for hundreds of clients that have suffered a personal injury in the Atlanta, GA area. Our firm is built on always doing the right thing for our clients, and that can sometimes mean turning down a settlement offer and taking the case to trial. We have years of experience in successfully trying cases, and we’re prepared to do what’s best for you, whatever it takes. Here are just a few examples of results obtained by personal injury attorneys at Litner + Deganian:


For our client involved in a double tractor trailer accident. Our client merged onto I-285 in Dunwoody, GA, was hit by a tractor trailer, spun, hit the median, and then was hit by another tractor trailer. Resulted in broken hip and femur, needing surgery.


For a motorcycle accident in Clayton County, GA, where a car ran a red light and T-boned our client, resulting in major fractures and leaving our client requiring knee surgery.


For our client in Tucker, GA, when a tractor trailer rear-ended their car, breaking their arm and requiring repair on both shoulders. Resolved in federal court, where the tractor trailer driver was found to have not been trained properly.


For our client who needed neck surgery after a near head-on collision by a pickup truck that turned into an intersection too quickly.


For our client who was rear-ended by a large pickup truck in Atlanta, GA. They needed neck surgery, and we recovered the full policy amounts.


For a client who was referred by another firm. They had a slew of pre-existing conditions to overcome due to past car accidents.


For our 65-year-old client who required neck surgery after being rear-ended in a car wreck.


For a car wreck injury that required our client to undergo cervical fusion surgery.


For an accident in which a drunk driver hit our client.


For our client’s rear-end car wreck injury on West Paces Ferry Rd. in Atlanta, GA, that required foot surgery.


For a car accident on I-285 that resulted in our client’s shoulder injury that required surgery.


For a rear-end car wreck on I-75 when our client was driving back from a vacation at Disney World.


For a car accident that resulted in our client needing shoulder surgery.


For a fall in a restaurant, resulting in severe back injuries that required surgery.


After a car accident, our client needed knee and shoulder surgery.


For a truck accident where the trailer jackknifed, resulting in the death of our client, the driver, at 4 a.m. on the way to work.


For an accident at the nail salon. Our client’s toe was lacerated, became infected, and required partial amputation.


At mediation for a client who previously had back surgery from a rear-end collision and required another back surgery.


For an accident in which a truck rear-ended our client’s car, resulting in a neck injury that required surgery.


For an accident where a car cut off our motorcyclist client, causing them to roll over the car, injuring both shoulders.


For an accident in which our client, a motorcyclist, was the victim of a hit-and-run, resulting in a broken leg.


For our client involved in a motorcycle wreck after a car cut them off in Cobb County, GA.


For our client who was driving to Disney World when a DUI driver struck them head-on.


To help our client get the medical treatment he needed.



For an accident in which a tractor trailer turned in front of our client, causing our client’s vehicle to strike the trailer. Insurance first tried to blame our client.


For two clients who were involved in a head-on collision in Marietta, GA, resulting in a head injury and a knee injury that required surgery.


For our client whose car was T-boned after the other driver ran a red light. Our client’s car was run off the road into a telephone pole, and they required knee surgery.


For a client who was hit by a DUI driver. This was the driver’s 3rd DUI, and he also injured three other passengers in our client’s vehicle.


For our client injured in a car wreck. They were referred to us by a workers’ compensation attorney from a previous matter.


For our client injured in a car wreck. We took the case over from another attorney and settled within a month.


For our client who was riding a motorcycle with their daughter. Another motorist ran them off the road.


For our client hit head-on as a result of a collision involving two other cars. Our client suffered injuries to his spine and underwent cervical fusion surgery.


For our client who needed shoulder surgery and other medical treatment after her employer’s landscaping contractors left the sprinkler system on through freezing temperatures.

All numbers are approximate.