7 Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Injury


7 Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Injury

For most of us, the first instinct after a fall—and especially after one that doesn’t seem immediately serious—is to bounce back and shake it off. After all, we may feel a bit embarrassed or eager not to make it a big deal. But the truth is, slip and falls can result in serious problems, and while some, like fractures or slipped discs, are obvious from the moment you hit the ground, others don’t seem severe at first. That’s why it’s so important to follow certain steps after any slip and fall in Georgia.

Get the medical treatment you need

If you play it cool after your accident and realize two weeks later that muscle soreness isn’t going anywhere because it’s actually an untreated sprain, it will be hard to launch a Druid Hills slip and fall lawsuit. The most important thing you can do after a slip and fall is visiting your doctor, the emergency room or an urgent care center—then follow up with any recommended specialists. Not only will this help you move closer to a healthy recovery, it will provide documentation of your injuries.

Document the scene as soon after your fall as possible

Speaking of documentation, you’ll also want to make a note of every detail you can think of regarding what you were doing and where you were when you fell. This includes photos, which a friend can take for you if you have to leave for medical treatment. Also record what kind of shoes you were wearing, what the weather conditions were, and if there were any hazardous conditions such as slippery floors or boxes in the hallway.

Ask for the names and information of any witnesses who saw you fall

This one can be tricky if you have to leave the scene immediately for medical treatment, but if you’re able, ask for short statements from any witnesses who saw you fall. If no one saw the fall itself, ask for the information of anyone who came to help afterward or who heard you in pain at the scene of the accident.

Report the fall and ask for a copy of the written report

If the fall happened at work, you’ll want to speak to your boss. If you were at a store, ask to speak with the manager. And make sure you have a record of the fall in writing. That way, if you decide to contact a slip and fall lawyer in Druid Hills, you’ll have proof the fall occurred when and where you say it did.

Don’t lay blame

After you’ve made your report, limit how much more you say to your manager, landlord, or the property owner. You may be feeling angry, or others may encourage you to rehash at what happened. Try to focus instead on your medical treatment and your documentation of the accident.

Don’t give a statement to the insurance company

In some cases, the property owner’s insurance company may reach out to you for a statement. Don’t speak with an insurance adjuster.

Contact a slip and fall attorney in Druid Hills

If you’ve been in a slip and fall accident, you may be looking at not only emergency treatment but chronic pain and physical therapy as well. You deserve compensation for your injuries if they were due to someone else’s negligence.

Contact the Atlanta slip and fall attorneys at Litner + Deganian today. You can get a free consultation at our office, conveniently located in Druid Hills near Emory and Brookhaven.

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