Anna Goode Wins the Litner + Deganian 2018 College Scholarship


Anna Goode Wins the Litner + Deganian 2018 College Scholarship

At Litner + Deganian, we know a thing or two about making compelling arguments, and sometimes, a powerful visual is just what you need to make a point that’s clear and persuasive. Earlier this year, we announced a contest to create an infographic explaining the dangers of distracted driving.

Distracted driving claimed 3,450 lives in 2016—the most recent year on record—and teens made up the highest proportion of drivers who were distracted during a fatal crash. It’s an issue we feel passionate about, having represented many clients who’ve seen their lives turned upside down by another driver’s decision to send a text, check an email, or update social media.

We knew our offer of a $2,500 scholarship would attract plenty of quality entries, but we were most impressed by rising college freshman Anna Goode’s blend of hard facts and bold design. Anna’s infographic presented statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in an easy-to-understand way, mixing numbers, images, and typography to deliver powerful visual messaging.

For Anna, who plans to attend Kennesaw State University next fall, the topic of distracted driving struck close to home. Not long after she turned 16, Anna wrecked her car while driving distracted. Fortunately, no one was injured, but she described it as a truly terrible experience. “I learned an important lesson,” she said. “And I hope fewer people have to learn the hard way like I did.”

Anna intends to study graphic communications at Kennesaw’s School of Fine Arts and Design, so it’s not surprising several of her design decisions were made with an eye toward best reaching her audience. When choosing her color scheme, for example, she included yellow, knowing it would call to mind roadside warning signs. In addition to designing and working with computers, Anna is active in her high school’s theatre arts program. She also volunteers with first graders and spends time with her family and youth group.

We hope Anna’s design reaches a wide audience through our site and social media platforms, helping spread the message that distracted driving has serious consequences. That text, tweet, or snap is never worth it.

We’re also excited to play a part in Anna’s education, helping her start off her freshman year with fewer student loans. “I’m paying for my own college education, using the Hope scholarship, private scholarships, and student loans,” said Anna. “Due to the rising cost of education, every bit of financial assistance helps me, my family, and even my future family. I believe this assistance will have a ripple effect.”

Congratulations to Anna and our other contest finalists. We’re excited to see where you go from here!

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