Black Friday Injuries


Black Friday Injuries

Due to the pandemic, Black Friday won’t be quite the same this year. But, if we’re being honest, Black Friday has been going through a lot of changes anyway over the past decade as consumers alter the way they shop. For many, online deals have simply become more appealing than early morning treks.

Part of that shift is at least in some part due to the spate of injuries that occurred during middle-of-the-night shopping sprees. Over the years, cheap TV deals and other doorbusters have led to fist fights, stampedes, and even shootings.

According to the grim Black Friday Death Count, there have been 12 Black Friday-related deaths and 117 injuries since 2006. Black Friday injuries include:

  • Concussions
  • Slip and falls
  • Assault
  • Broken bones
  • Injuries from fender benders in the parking lot

Black Friday during COVID-19
This year, many retailers are looking for ways to drum up business while also accepting that most of their customers (and employees) don’t really want to be in a crush of shoppers right now. Online shopping remains a popular alternative, expanding from Cyber Monday to the entire Black Friday weekend—or even earlier. Amazon moved its Prime Day to October because of the pandemic, effectively stretching back the online component of the Black Friday “season” even further.

Some retailers, like Target, are also trying to thin out potential crowds (while still bringing in business) by advertising Black Friday-level sales all November. Retailers like Lowe’s are trying to keep folks away from the physical stores by having one-day online only sales.

After you’ve made your “must buy” list this year, consider:

  • Shopping online and shopping early: While shipping delays have improved since the early days of the pandemic, the holidays may create another backlog.
  • Looking up retailers’ price adjustment policies: If they have a better sale a few days later, you won’t feel like you’ve missed out.
  • Buying from local businesses: These community staples need support now more than ever.
  • Participating in Giving Tuesday: While not everyone is in a financial position to give this year, making a charitable gift is a great way to help out an organization you care about during this challenging time.

Precautions for in-person Black Friday events
For folks who do decide to do some in-person shopping, it will be important to take safety precautions. The CDC still recommends social distancing (leaving 6 feet or two arms’ length) between yourself and others, as well as wearing a mask. Curbside pickup or delivery are still preferred to in-store shopping. Ask yourself if a situation with tight crowds is worth braving, not only due to potential Black Friday injuries but COVID-19 exposure as well.

Late night and early morning sales can also pose safety hazards, leading to drowsy driving. If you’ve been cooking (or just eating) for most of the day, then you head out late to shop, you may not be at your best. According to the National Safety Council, losing two hours of sleep is the same as having three beers. It’s instead advised to travel only during the times that you’re normally awake.

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