Get to Know Shea Schulman


Get to Know Shea Schulman

Growing up in Marietta, Georgia, Shea Schulman knew from a young age he wanted to be a lawyer. Advocating for causes, taking a stand, and speaking in public came naturally to him. He excelled on the debate team at Lassiter High School, where his coach would become a big influence in Shea’s decision to pursue a career in law.

Shea continued his studies at the University of Georgia and Emory Law. It wasn’t long before he was front-and-center, representing clients in the courtroom. Shea knew he had made the right decision to become a personal injury attorney immediately after his first jury trial, just a few months after he graduated from law school. Winning that early case remains one of his proudest achievements, and he has been successfully negotiating settlements and appealing to juries on behalf of clients ever since.

Complex medical cases that lack intensive treatment or lots of medical bills are a welcome challenge for Shea. “A lot of attorneys won’t litigate or even handle these cases,” he says. “It can be tough to convince a jury to take an injury seriously when the client doesn’t have things like broken bones or tons of medical bills. You have to find clues hidden within those medical records to prove your client truly is hurt and deserves fair compensation. But, if you know what you’re looking for, you can find those clues and come up with an effective way to present the case to a jury.”

When asked about his favorite part of the job, Shea jokingly commented, “Winning.” Then he clarified, “It’s not all about winning in court. It’s about winning what clients need and deserve so they can move beyond their injuries and get on with their lives. I want to make my clients happy and get the desired result, which is not always money.”

While some settlements have exceeded $500,000, some of Shea’s most memorable cases resolved for a fraction of that. Clients have been down on their luck, in need of immediate help, and not sure where to turn. Shea has been there for them.

Shea describes his client relationships as a team approach. He gets to know each client and wants them to know him, too. He’s looking for mutual trust and open, honest communication. “I want clients to be comfortable with my personality as well as my level of knowledge and expertise – both are equally important.”

When he’s not fighting for his clients, Shea enjoys relaxing and playing with his dog, Scooter. He’s also a huge football fan, going to as many UGA and Falcons games as he can.

Learn more about Shea Schulman. Or, better yet, give him a call at 678-956-8500! He’s available 24/7 and looks forward to getting to know you.

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