Announcing our new case manager Jarett Conley


Announcing our new case manager Jarett Conley

With a background in both insurance and personal injury, Jarett Conley brings decades of experience to his role as Case Manager at Litner + Deganian.

“Having worked both ‘sides’ of personal injury, there’s no question which I prefer more,” he said. “I like the opportunity to help the client.”

As a former coworker of Norm’s, Jarett connected with Steve and Arman and hit it off right away.

“Jarett knows how a claim adjustor thinks, plus he brings in experience as a case manager and trainer,” said Steve. “That, along with a willingness to listen, learn, and teach will make him a great team member.”

When he’s not serving clients or helping the attorneys, Jarett spends time with his wife of 27 years, his grown children, and his grandkids. Having grown up in Colorado, he’s a lifelong Denver Broncos fan. But the Litner + Deganian college football rivalry is also rubbing off on him, and he’s begun following the Georgia Bulldogs (sorry Steve).

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