The Road to Becoming a Lawyer


The Road to Becoming a Lawyer

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

For most people, the answer changes quite a bit and becomes more realistic as they get older (though how cool would it be to be a Super Hero?).

For Steve Litner, the answer has always been the same. A lawyer.

As one of the best personal injury lawyers in Georgia, Steve not only became a lawyer, but a pretty darn good one at that.

Growing up in Boston, Steve was instilled with a sense of wanting to help people and make their lives better. He could have easily gone into another field, but his passion for resolving issues and fighting for the guy with the odds against him, ultimately led him to the law.

After exploring multiple types of law while studying at UNC-Chapel Hill, Steve was drawn to securities litigation. Post-graduation, Steve worked for a firm specializing in the practice, but soon realized that he craved interacting with real people instead of corporations. Personal injury was the perfect fit.

Personal injury law allowed Steve to dig back into his roots of helping people, while also resolving the complicated puzzle that is a personal injury claim. “I like that I can see a difference. Caring about the outcome when no one else did, and working for the long term reward for my client. That’s what motivates me”, says Steve.

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