Team Spotlight: Imelda Mondragon


Team Spotlight: Imelda Mondragon

Imelda Mondragon is a Case Manager with Litner + Deganian. She organizes client documents, helps coordinate client treatment plans, communicates with the insurance companies, and also assists with demand letters and settlement.

Imelda is an Atlanta native and grew up not far from the Litner + Deganian law office in Druid Hills. Imelda’s parents are both from Acapulco, Mexico, making Imelda and her siblings very proud first-generation Americans.

As a college student at the University of West Georgia, Imelda developed an interest in criminal justice and the law. She began working Litner + Deganian in 2017 as a receptionist; she was soon promoted to intake specialist and then case manager. Imelda loves helping the clients and believes in building trusting, caring relationships with them. Often, she will check on clients after their treatment plans to make sure they are feeling better and are on their way to recovery.

Outside of the office, Imelda loves to spend time with her family. She calls her toddler son the joy of her life.

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