Team Spotlight: Taylor Payne


Team Spotlight: Taylor Payne

Taylor Payne, a legal assistant with Litner + Deganian, was born in Las Vegas and moved to Fort Stewart, Ga., as a child. She attended Georgia Southern University, where she studied criminal justice and sociology while also working as a server. After graduating in 2019, Taylor knew she wanted to work in the field of law, but she wasn’t sure what her focus should be.

After coming across Litner + Deganian online, Taylor decided that she’d like to learn more about personal injury law and applied to an open position. She started work in October 2019. Today, she helps set up accident and health insurance claims with the insurance companies. She also works to confirm clients’ balances with healthcare providers, ensuring that when a settlement goes through, the correct remaining balance goes to the client. “The people and the atmosphere here are great,” she said about working at Litner + Deganian. “Everyone is so welcoming—they made me feel at home from my first day.”

When she’s not working, Taylor likes spending time with her family and her two cats, Leo and Dansby. She also loves a good murder mystery book.

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