Will COVID-19 Impact My Personal Injury Case?


Will COVID-19 Impact My Personal Injury Case?

Life already feels upended after an accident. It can sometimes seem impossible to imagine eventually getting back to work, family and your social life as you recover from injuries. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic and our state stay at home order, a return to normal may seem even more distant. Your accident-related medical appointments may suddenly feel risky. Your case—and the settlement you deserve—may feel in limbo.

Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do to help support your personal injury case during this challenging time.

We’re Still Here For You

Our top priority right now is the health of our clients and our staff. Because of that, we’ve been conducting all of our client meetings over the phone or by video call. Thanks to technology, our team is able to work together as effectively as always, with secure, organized and accessible records available to us. If you were injured recently, we’re also conducting our free consultations over the phone. While we miss our offices and our team, we’re used to managing our caseload remotely from time to time, and the switch hasn’t made us miss a beat.

Negotiations Are Still on the Table

The statewide judicial emergency announced mid-March essentially closed the courts for cases like ours. When the courts do open again, there will be an inevitable backlog, meaning that our cases that should go to trial may take place later than we’d wish. However, for personal injury cases, negotiations are always the first tactic. We’re still working hard to get our clients the best settlement possible from insurance companies, bypassing the expense (and now delays) that taking a case to court would entail.

Don’t Neglect Your Medical Treatment

If you were recently injured, don’t wait this one out. It’s understandable that with increasingly inundated hospitals and clinics, you may prefer to avoid exposing yourself to COVID-19. But leaving accident-related injuries untreated can lead to critical health problems, long-term health issues and limit your personal injury case. Ask your providers about telehealth appointments if they’re a fit for your injuries. Even physical therapists are able to provide video treatment in some cases. Keep a record of your attempts to receive care if you’re turned away because providers are at capacity.

We understand that now, more than ever, you may be relying on your personal injury settlement to cover your accident-related expenses. We’re working hard to move our clients’ cases along in a way that still gives them the compensation they deserve.

 Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been injured, don’t wait until things are “back to normal” to get medical treatment or pursue a personal injury case. Make sure you receive the treatment you need now, and then call an Atlanta car accident attorney. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Litner + Deganian for a free consultation.

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